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Products & Services

Product Overview:
  • Aerial Refueling Systems
  • Aircraft Fuel Tanks
  • Pylons and Rocket Launchers
  • Ground Support Equipment
Northstar is an approved source of supply for U.S. Government spares requirements and production items. In addition, Northstar is an approved source of supply to manufacture the SUU-20 bomb and rocket dispenser, the F-16 pylon and various hoses for in-flight refueling.
Model B707 Tanker Aircraft
wing tip mounted refueling pod with a Boom Model 1080


Aerial Refueling Wing Mounted Pod Model 1080

Operating Air Speed 200 - 350 KEAS or 100 – 350 KEAS
Operating Altitudes Sea level to 40,000 ft
Operating Temperature -65, + 165 deg. F
Pod Overall Dry Weight 900 +/- 50 lbs
Pod Overall Length 202.5 inches
Pod Overall Diameter 25.28 inches
Power Source Power at Ram Air Turbine 53 Horse 4000 rpm
Refueling Hose 56.6 Ft Flexible stainless steel 2 inches ID, 2.5 inches OD
Boom Lowered from Pod Centerline 114.00 inches at 39° Angle
Fuel Flow Rate 300 – 400 Gallon Per Minute
Drogue Type Variable Speed
Aircraft Application B707T, KC-135R, KE-3A, and KC-137

             KC-130 Aerial Refueling Wing Mounted Pods

            Aerial Refueling Boom Drogue Adapter (BDA) Kit

SUU-20 Bomb and Rocket Dispenser

F-16 Fuel Tank Pylon

F-16 Sidewinder Missile

SADRM Missile Body
 Buddy Store Turbine Upgrade Kit  KC-130 Refueling Pod Fuel Surge Suppressor
Refueling Pod Tunnel High Speed Drogue Low Speed Drogue
F-16 Ejector  Hose Fitting F-22 Fuel Tank AFT Support  Fuel Tank Horizontal Fin 

Buddy Store Aerial Refueling Hose Assemblies                                               Shroud

Ground Support Equipment Overview:
F-16 External Tank Composite Storage & Handling Container KC-130 Refueling Pod & Fuel Tanks Scissor Lift & Handling Dolly Aerial Refueling Pod Handling Dolly
Fuel Tank Handling Dolly Buddy Store Handling Dolly


Northstar has a dedicated team to support customers and aftermarket products.

  • System Specification
  • System Qualification
  • System Upgrades
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • Flight Test Support
  • Field Maintenance
  • I & O Level Training
  • Manual Updates

KC-135 Refueling Boom Nozzle
and Boom Shock Absorber Overhaul Program